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Shop for G-Form Bike products online. Impact Protection, Revolutionized for Biking: G-Form’s innovative and groundbreaking products absorb over 90% of the energy from high-speed impact.

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For riding comfort, there’s no better choice than the G-Form Mens PRO-B Bike Compression Shorts.
R1 899,00

Inner Soles

The G-Form Shoe Insole is the first insole designed specifically for cycling to dampen vibration and reduce hot spot pressure through the use of a medical grade Gel. This is the same Gel used by Podiatrists in foot care products to correct clinical podiatric problems. The specially formulated G-Form anti-vibe Gel is engineered to disrupt the energy transfer of vibrations caused by road chatter from traveling through the pedal and into your foot while at the same time displacing load pressure on your foot where the cleat meets the pedal. This unique technology helps to reduce numbness and pain in your toes and ball of foot allowing you better riding performance.

G-From Race Cribs

Race Cribs are made from LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene with sticker kits between 200 - 300 micron Vinyl and laminate. This means it is perfect for pressure cleaners and all weather conditions. ISO 9001 Accreditated memory shape retention. We will start an email/phone conversation on your options once the order is complete
  • Basic - pick the colors you like best.

  • Personal - colors, peronalised with your logo, name and number

  •  Cuzomtised - YOUR OWN Design, colors, logo, name and number (Subject to extra artwork fee)

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