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Buy any G-Form combo: Elbow or Knee Pads, Compression Shirt or Shorts and SAVE.

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G-Form XTREME Protection Shin Pads

G-Form Shin Pads are designed for athletes who demand protection without compromising performance. These pads are made with proprietary Reactive Protection Technologyâ„¢, a soft and flexible foam, that momentarily stiffens upon impact transforming into protective armor. Now, when riding your bike, or competing on the field, your performance will no longer be hindered by bulky, hard-shell protection. The pad is mounted on a breathable compression fabric that ensures the pad stays in place no matter the type of fall. Plus, say goodbye to sweaty, smelly pads. When you get home, slide them off and throw them in the wash Protection you forget you are wearing, G-Form Shin Pads allow any caliber of athlete to reach their peak performance.